Exam Information

Exam Start Times

It is your responsibility to make sure that you are fully aware of your exam dates and times.

Examinations will start at 8:45am in the morning and 13:15pm in the afternoon (please check the timetable).  Please be aware that some afternoon exams will run beyond the normal school finish time.  Break times will be varied for exam students depending on times of exams.


You must wear full school uniform in all exams. If you arrive for an exam without the correct uniform you will be sent home to get changed.  If you are then late back for the exam you may risk missing it and your parents could be charged for the cost.


It is your responsibility to make sure that you are fully aware of your exam dates and times.

You must write with a BLACK ballpoint or ink pen in all your exams.  If a pencil case is brought into the exam it must be clear. We do supply equipment to any student needing it on the day.

You are encouraged to bring a bottle of still water to the exam, the bottle should be clear plastic with the label removed.  Only water will be allowed, please do not bring fizzy drinks into school.

Your examination venue and desk number will be displayed on the Exams Noticeboard that you can view in Café Connect the day before each exam and outside the Exam venue on the day of the exam – please memorise your desk number, it is important you sit at the correct desk.

Conduct During Examinations

You must wait quietly in the corridor until you are asked to enter the exam room.  Once you enter the exam room you are under examination conditions and you must be silent. Your coat and bag should be placed at the back of the row where you are sitting or where the Invigilator instructs you to put it.  You will be sitting in candidate number order and a name card will have been placed on your desk.

During the exam seasons mobile phones, any type of wristwatch, iPods and MP3/4 players should NOT be brought into the exam venue these are unauthorised items, if you do have an unauthorised item in your possession  switch it off and place in the clear wallet on your desk to be collected in before the exam starts.  Your phone/watch etc will be given back to you at the end of the exam once the papers have been collected. If any form of electronic equipment is still with you during the exam then the exam paper (for external exams) could be cancelled by the exam board.

During the exam there must be no talking or communicating in any way, this includes looking round, laughing and/or waving.  Any attempt at communicating could result in it being reported to the examination board and the exam paper could be cancelled.

You are not allowed to leave the examination room even if you have finished your exam early, so do not ask!  You should sit quietly and not do anything to distract other candidates. You must face the front at all times.  It would be a good time to spend checking your answers.

If a fire alarm sounds during the exam please remain seated and follow instructions from the invigilator/exams officer.  Do not panic and do not attempt to finish what you are writing.  Leave all equipment including exam papers, also bags and coats in the exam room.  You will be escorted to a separate area and must remain there until further instructions.

Toilet Breaks

Toilet breaks will not be allowed during the exam unless prior authorisation has been obtained and an appropriate doctor’s note is available.  If such authorisation is available then you must carry a Toilet Pass obtained from the Medical Welfare Officer Mrs Clapham. If you need the toilet during an exam you must show the Pass to the Invigilator.

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