Teaching and Learning

At Carlton Bolling, our philosophy is to ensure teaching and learning allow each student to achieve their full potential and shape their worldview. High-quality Teaching and Learning, therefore, is the single most important thing we do.

Our aim is to ensure we continue to meet our vision of uncompromising aspirations for all,  our teaching and learning strategy is underpinned by research so that it is powerful in the classroom. We have a clear set of principles that support the development of knowledge, skills and vocabulary.

Our Teaching and learning vision is ‘Teaching effectively so that students integrate knowledge into their long term memory’, which is met through the following principles:

  • Quality of instruction
  • Teachers create an environment focused on learning
  • Embed Rosenshine’s Principles of instruction in all lessons
  • Ensure all students, including the most disadvantaged such as those with SEND get effective quality of instruction which develops student understanding, so they remember knowledge long term
  • Depth of understanding
  •  Ensure:
  • students have the opportunity to practice to mastery
  • retrieval and recall through distributed ‘spaced’ and interleaved practice
  • student work through books demonstrate student understanding
  • students are able to articulate knowledge learnt
  • academic texts embedded into all lessons
  • Checking for understanding:
  •  Embed:
  • checking for understanding in all lessons
  • consistency and routine when identifying and correcting misunderstandings
  • Teachers adapt lessons in a responsive way to meet the needs of all students
  • Assessment and Feedback:
  • teacher use of assessment to inform teaching and provide quality feedback to help students move forward:
  • Short cycle- Within and between lessons
  • Medium cycle- Within and between teaching units
  • Long cycle- Across terms

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