Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE)

The PSHE curriculum covers the personal, social, health and economic education of students. This follows statutory guidance on drugs education, financial & careers guidance (CIAG), sex and relationships education (SRE) and the importance of physical activity and the diet for a healthy lifestyle (healthy Schools).

Included in the curriculum is the spiritual, social, moral and cultural education (SMSC) covering fundamental ‘British Values’ and the current issues of ‘The Prevent Agenda’, ensuring exposure to extremist views and political indoctrination is covered through extra-curricular activities to ensure students are offered a balanced presentation of opposing views.

The PSHE curriculum is divided into specific threads and themes to ensure the students have access to all the subjects above and the opportunity to build the skills, qualities and values that underpin their future role in society. Each thread also include the delivery of Religious Education in line with statutory guidance.

Carlton Bolling is proud to be working towards becoming a Healthy Relationships Champion Setting this year. We’ve partnered up with Tender Education and Arts to complete RE:SET; an online toolkit and whole school campaign to award our school for promoting a culture of healthy, equal and respectful relationships.

Our relationship with Tender extends back to 2021, and all year groups have now taken part in projects with them. Our students covered topics like consent, boundaries, pressure and support, and the feedback from after these workshops has been incredibly positive. Since September 2020, it is statutory for all schools to teach relationships education, so this is approach ensures the whole school community takes on the responsibility of preventing gender-based violence and keeping our children safe, healthy and prepared for the modern world.

During this year Tender will be delivering training, workshops and creative campaigns alongside our children and staff, as well as offering sessions to families and parents. We are excited to start this journey with the RE:SET team, and to see how it will benefit both our school culture and our children’s futures.

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